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– Project Team: Kevin Plasenscia, Lee McCann, Ting-Uei Lee, Stephen Joseph, Clara Bertault, Celie Valentiny, Weiqi Cui, Shuai He, Yousef Al-Qaryouti, Ya Ou, Quan Shi, Alex Ewart, Stewart Matthews, Dilum Fernando, Kim Baber, Joe Gattas

– Workshop Support: Sam Butler and John Stafford, Architecture Workshop; Keith Lane and Grant Tayles, Supervised Access Workshop; Fraser Reid, Jason Van der Gevel, and Civil Engineering Lab Staff.

– Build time: 4 weeks.

– Acknowledgements: Centre for Future Timber Structures; ARC DECRA Award #DE160100289.

– Music: Way of Life by Richard Lacy.

– Video: Footage by Shuwei Zhang and Bram Chapman; Animations and Editing by Joe Gattas.

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