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[2017] Rapid assembly with bending-stabilised structures

In Fabricate 2017 (pp. 50-57). UCL Press. [Link]

This project seeks to enhance press-fit fabrication techniques through the use of hybrid material construction technology and bending-stabilised forms. It overcomes certain press-fit limitations and undertakes a systematic improvement to connection design, which in combination with material and form enhancements allows for an increase in spanning capacities and robustness of press-fit structures, an increase in the reliability and precision of assembled geometry and retention of the critical press-fit benefits of lightweight, high-speed and uncomplicated construction.

Project Team: Joseph Gattas, Kim Baber, Yousef Al-Qaryouti, Ting-Uei Lee, Jordan Hunter, Stephen Joseph, Ting-Uei Lee, Sophie Sachs, Jonathan Tan, Crystal Wang, Shuwei Zhang, Sam Butler, John Stafford.


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